Saturday 13 August 2016

Good Taste Restaurant at Cheras Mahkota

Wantan Mee is great for breakfast. Ipoh has very good Wantan Mee. Wantan Mee in Ipoh is not only cheap, its tasty and very filling too. But when you are staying away from your hometown. What do you do when you crave for Wantan Mee? You try to find a good one around that serves them.

We found Good Taste Restaurant by accident. We were rushing that morning to a class Joanna was hosting and needed a place for a quick breakfast. So we headed to Cheras Mahkota to get some stuffs for the class and saw this restaurant just across the street. Well, what do you know? Its Wantan Mee.

I looked at Joanna and asked if she wanted to try, and she said, "Why not?". This restaurant is continuously packed with people. We were there at 7.30am and its filled with families. Got a table at the back of the restaurant and quickly sat down.

Because we were in a rush, we did not order a lot from the menu. Here are the some items from the menu we ordered.

We ordered the BBQ Pork Wantan Mee (Char Siew Wantan Mee). The mee is good, good texture to it, the vegetables (bak choy) that comes with the plate is also cooked nicely. And Wantan was packed nicely with pork and had great flavours to it. Won't we all agree that the one thing that defines a Wantan Mee is the gravy? The gravy is indeed nice, not too oily, great sweet and savoury flavour. However, the gravy can be a bit salty. And you do get a little thirsty after having that plate of Wantan Mee. Yes, maybe it's because of the MSG, but hey, the food is good. I don't mind drinking more water after that.

We also ordered a bowl of Pork Skin Curry (Ka-Lee Chu Pei). Coming from Ipoh, we like to have our wantan mee with sides (especially Pork Skin Curry). The pork skin curry at Good Times is good. Thick cuts of skins and each skin is crunchy. It's been cooked in the curry so long, the pork skins have absorbed all the flavours of the curry.

The large shrimp dumplings (Sui Gau) are good. Filled with meat and very tasty, together with shredded carrots and black fungus. Another thing that is special about this place is that they served Charcoal Burned Bread with butter and kaya. Something we used to have when we were kids. This bread goes very well with a cup of coffee and a bowl of soft boiled eggs. Unfortunately we were too full to order more to try. Shall put this on the top of our list for our future visit.

So if you are in Cheras Mahkota/Sg Long and looking for a place for a hearty breakfast that reminds you of your childhood. Do visit Good Taste and tell us what you think.

  Good Taste Restaurant
13, Jalan Temenggung 3/9
43200 Bandar Mahkota Cheras

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  1. I wanna try this restaurant...the food looks delish :)


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