Thursday 26 May 2016

Garlic and Lemon Chicken in White Wine Broth

Tired of eating out? Ever wished that you could cook up a meal for a party of 2 quickly after a long day at work? This might just be the dish for you.

Chicken breasts, one of the easiest protein to work with. Its lean, its filling and cooked the right way, it's actually very very tasty.

Joanna and I just love garlic in our dishes. Soon, you will realized that most of our dishes have garlic in them.

This dish is a simple and wholesome meal that is quick to whip up and delicious. It is a dish that have most of our favourite ingredients all on one plate. The gravy is there not only to infuse into the chicken breasts, making them tender and juicy, but it is so flavourful on its own, you could finish a whole loaf of bread with it.

Here's the recipe below.

Saturday 21 May 2016

Fresh Salmon Poke

Jo and I stumbled upon Salmon Poke (pronounce as Poh-Kay) during our trip in San Francisco a few years ago. We had it at Basa Seafood Express, a compact seafood market/restaurant. We tried 3 different servings of poke there. The original salmon poke, the tuna spoke and the spicy salmon poke.

They were amazing and we were completely blown away. It's definitely not any fancy restaurant but the poke served in a small plastic tray just hit the right note. This is one of the many examples that food does not need to be overly complex at times, simple is good enough.

We got out hands on some sashimi grade salmon via a closed group buy in the neighbourhood. According to the group, the salmon can only be keep taken raw within the first 3 days after bringing them home. We prepared a few days prior to receiving the fish.

A breakdown of the recipes is as described below:

Wednesday 18 May 2016

Egg, Mussels and Scallop on Cashew Pesto Pizza

It's dinner time and you are looking for something quick. Go check in your refrigerator. Do you have some tortillas in the fridge and some seafood frozen in the freezer? If you do, bring them out now, because you will be having a pizza today.

This is quick pizza recipe is for those lazy evenings when you just want something fast and delicious. Everything will be ready in a flash, so you can just sit back and relax to enjoy the rest of your evenings.


Hello and welcome to Pharma's Kitchen.

The idea of starting a food blog came a few years back when I discovered the joy of cooking during my university days. After uni, work has been taking up a big part of my time and I have been pushing it aside for far too long.

I have decided that 2016 is the year for Pharma's Kitchen to make an appearance. I am a pharmacist with a passion for food. Food and cooking has played big part in my life. Being able to prepare food and having people to enjoy them with me has always bring joy to me.

This blog is where I would love to share simple recipes that my wife, calligrapher Quirky by Design and I experiment on in our humble little kitchen. Recipes with simple and easy to source ingredients, fast and quick to prepare meals (to accommodate the busy lifestyles of the average working adult) and hopefully enough to ignite the chef in each and every one of us. Apart from that, it will also feature our occasional dining out experiences and travel destinations.

So welcome again to Pharma's Kitchen.
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