Hello and welcome to Pharma's Kitchen.

This blog is dedicated to celebrate food itself. Amidst our busy lifestyles, food will always be an essential in our lives. Everybody needs it. However, many young adults working in the South East Asia region, particularly in Malaysia are so tied up with their work commitments, many have resulted in eating instant meals and fast food most of the time.

Here you will find a collection of recipes that my wife, calligrapher Quirky by Design and I prepare in our little kitchen. Recipes that are close to us at heart. Recipes of food that we enjoy making and eating. We try to keep it simple and quick to cater to the average lifestyle of a normal working adult.

You will also be able to catch some of our occasional dining out experiences and travel destinations. We hope that Pharma's Kitchen will be a place for us to share our love and passion for food. At the same time, we hope to ignite that hidden chef in everyone.

Thanks for dropping by and welcome again. 

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