Tuesday 15 August 2017

Attempting Gnocchi

Gnocchi is essentially a dough dumpling and a staple in Italian cuisine. Gnocchi is made with a variety of base ingredients; for example semolina, flour, cornmeal, different vegetables and the classic potato.

As with many dishes, many regions lay claim to where gnocchi originated from. However, it is often associated with the northern region of Italy where the classic potato gnocchi is from. This was because potatoes were easier to grow than grain because of the colder climate of that region. The word "Gnocchi" is thought to originated from the word nocca which literally means knuckle or the Lompard/German word knohha which means a knot in wood. All which portraits something tight and small like the gnocchi we all know and love today.

Surprisingly, the potato gnocchi is a relative new innovation dating only back to the 16th Century as opposed to the other form of gnocchi, recorded served at banquets and important functions around the Renaissance period (or probably earlier).

Today, I will share my attempt on the potato gnocchi. Here we go:
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