Thursday 15 December 2016

Salmon and Prawn Pie (adapted from Jamie Oliver’s Super Easy Fish Pie on Youtube)

Many apologies for being absent for so long. November have been a crazy busy month for the wife and myself.

The wife is a huge fan of oven baked pies. One day, while I was on my computer doing my own work, she showed me a video. It was Jamie Oliver’s Super Easy Fish Pie. As it’s name imply, its an relatively easy pie to make.

We got some fresh salmon and prawn thus we used them to substitute the fishes used in the original recipe. We also used a little more prawns because we like the texture of the prawns in the pie.

So here’s the breakdown of the recipe (pie for 2-3 person):

The Creamy Mash:
4 Large U.S. Potatoes
Salt and pepper to season
Smoked Paprika
4 tablespoons of salted butter

Tomato, Basil and Parsley Salad Filling:
200 g Cherry tomatoes
1 cloves of garlic (finely chopped)
2 stalk of spring onions
2 paddy chilies (Seeds removed)
Zest and juice of 1 lemon
A handful of Basil leaves
A small handful of English Parleys
Salt and Pepper to season
5 tablespoon of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sunday 4 December 2016

Focaccia with Basil and Cherry Tomatoes (a recipe by Gennaro Contaldo featuring Donal Skehan)

Bread. A mix of flour, water and yeast, has become a staple in many parts of the world. Bread making has made its way throughout history, changing with times, revolutionizing the very basics of bread making.

Focaccia, a popular Italian flatbread is what we are looking at today. It is a yeasted flat bread, usually plain, but topped with olive oil and herbs or spices. Focaccia is believed to have originated with the Etruscans whose culture was also believed to be influenced by Ancient Greek. Thus, Focaccia is believed to have been around before the formation of the Roman Empire that assimilated Etruscan into the Roman Empire via the Roman-Etruscan war.
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