Tuesday 19 July 2016

Peranakan Food at Baba Low's 486

Malaysia is definitely culturally diverse . Our families are all influenced by the different traditions set by our ancestors. Depending on where our families were, I believe it is also safe to say that the environment we lived in helped shape our culture and traditions as well.

Food is one of the things that are greatly influenced by our traditions. Joanna grew up eating Peranakan food because both her grandparents had Baba and Nyonya influence. Joanna definitely loves Nyonya food. She loves them so much, every time we passed a Nyonya food place, she will stop for a moment to look at the menu.

So one day we had to head to Bangsar for some work-related matters. We had a bit of time before that, so I decided to look up for a place to eat around the area. Found this wonderful place online, Baba Low 486. We frequented that area a few times in the past couple of month but never realized that the restaurant was there. We have definitely heard of it before but never really realized it was so near the place we frequented.

The food was indeed amazing. Here are some pictures for you guys to check out:
Nyonya Laksa - RM 7.00. 
You can have your Nyonya Laksa with 2 different types of noodles. The Yellow Noddle (Mee), Rice Noodle (MeeHoon), or a mix of both (MeeHoon-Mee). I had the MeeHoon-Mee while Joanna had the MeeHoon Nyonya Laksa. Tasted great. Good level of spiciness, with some tofu puffs (taufu pok), cockles, halved eggs and fresh prawn. Not only it has a great curry flavour, the taste from the coconut milk is not overpowering and you have a hint of freshness from the Kaffir Lime Leaves. I guess you can say that it is what Malaysian Comfort Food taste like.

Otak-Otak - RM 7.00
Pai Tee - RM 5.50

The Otak-Otak tasted very different from the usual Johorian-style otak-otak. Its slightly dry, with a strong turmeric and coconut taste. The fish used to make the Otak was also very fresh. However, its not really suitable for younger kids as it has a lot of tiny bones. We need to be very careful during each bite to make sure we were not consuming any fish bones.

These pai tee are served in a very thin but crispy shell. The shredded eggs, cucumber and cooked turnips topped with fried onions. Add a splash of chilli sauce on them and they are the perfect finger food.

1/2 Dozen Honey Mustard Chicken Wing - RM 8.00
Initially we wanted to order the Sze Chuan Wings, but they weren't available, thus we decided to try the Honey Mustard Wings instead. These chicken wings were cooked to perfection. Lightly fried and coated with a light honey and mustard sauce. It is mildly sweet from the honey and an aromatic mustard note towards the end of each bite. Something definitely worth trying. 

Popiah Peranakan - RM 4.50
The popiah is very similar to the taste of the Pai Tee, however the Popiah skin has a very different texture and the chilli sauce they used in the Popiah is the one that differentiate it from others. Just the right amount of spiciness that helped brought out the flavours of the other fillings.

Cendol - RM 4.50
The Cendol is a definitely must try at Baba Low's. The shaved ice is silky smooth, it just melts in your mouth. The sweetness of the Gula Melaka Syrup is well balanced with the salty taste from the coconut milk together with its bits of condiments at the bottom of the bowl.

The chalk board menu at Baba Low's. Quite extensive for a tiny place I must say.

Baba Low's 486
No 11, Lorong Kurau,
Taman Weng Lock
59100 Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur.


  1. Looks good...you guys must take me there to eat one of these days :) Peranakan food is one of my favorite !

    1. It's really quite good. Will definitely bring you there to try one of these days when you both are down in KL.


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